1. Cooperation with Promotion Way
We only cooperate with distributors and intermediaries on the advertising market (agencies, graphic arts sector, printing houses, event organizations agencies, visual advertisement, gadgets producers etc.), so we will ask you to provide your VAT number before you can place your first order.
We also encourage you to register on our website - by logging in you get immediate access to stock, prices, pictures etc.
2. How to start cooperation with us?
Use of our service is very simple – what all the users need to do - is to register on our website or contact with us office@promotionway.com.
3. How to register on our website?
To create an account you must complete a form, filling in all marked boxes with an asterisk. In reply you'll receive e-mail with the link. After clicking on it and setting a password Your account will be activated.
Now you can log in and benefit from the tools.
4. What will I attain with www.promotionway.com? 
  • Monitoring of stock levels and prices with discount for advertising agencies
  • Full access to our online shop
  • Free on-line catalogue
  • Inprint calculator
  • USB Configurator
1. How to place an order?
You can place orders writing your account manager or via our web-shop. Orders are processed Mon-Fri from 8AM to 4PM.
2. How the order proceedes?
After setting the price for the product we will need your customer's logo. Please note - we approve only vector graphics, other files (as for example .jpg) won't be accepted. When we have your logo in vectors, our graphics prepare a visualization for you, that we send you via e-mail for your approval. Only then, after your approval, we proceed with the production, which means, ordered goods will be sent to the printing house.
3. How can I check availability?
When you log in to our webite, you can check availability directly on  the product sheet.
4. What's the MOQ?
For the great majority of cases there is no minimum order quantity for our products. The exception are products from our import offer.
5. Can I buy samples?
You are welcome to buy samples, we sell them, however, at regular prices. Just contact your account manager or contact us: office@promotionway.com.
6. Current promotions
Our promotions are available after logging on our website on „Special offer” tab.
1. Print service
Our printing house has at its disposal a variety of modern equipment and experienced staff, so we are able to offer you a high quality printing service. We can offer you a wide variety of marking techniques. We use:
  • Ceramic print
  • Computer embroidery
  • Digital thermal transfer
  • Doming
  • Hot stamping
  • Labels
  • Laser engraving
  • Pad printing
  • Silk screen printing
  • Silk screen printing on textiles
  • Sublimation
  • Thermal transfer
  • UV print
Which means there is no such a product which we are not able to put your logotype on!
2. Can I change the proposed print method and the place of marking?
The printing technique and the suggested printing place are what we consider optimum. However, if there is such a possibility, we can change them acсording to your needs.
3. Explanation of printing groups symbols
Each of our products has at least one print group assigned to it. This means on each product sheet you will find print groups. Here is what they all mean:
  • C1 – ceramic print (mugs)
  • C2 – ceramic print (other products)
  • DC0, DC1, DC2 – UV print
  • DO, DO1USB, DO2USB – doming
  • ET(N1), ET(N2), ET(N3), ET(Z) – labels and tags
  • HF – computer embroidery
  • HS – hot stamping
  • L0, L1, L2, L3 – laser engraving
  • S1, S2, ST – Silk screen printing, silk screen printing on textiles
  • SU – sublimation
  • T1, T2, T3, T4 – pad printing
  • TC – digital thermal transfer
  • TT1, TT2, TT3 – thermal transfer
1. The estimated delivery time
The delivery time depends on the availability of the product and the current print house occupancy. For local warehouse in Poland - terms of realization of the order with marking are 2-3 days + 2-5 days delivery. The central warehouse - terms of realization of the order with marking 3-4 days + 2-5 days delivery. For imported products, the waiting time is 3-4 weeks.
2. Transport costs
We offer you prices for transport:
Samples of the products (up to 2 kg) – 10 EUR
Package up to 2 kg – 14 EUR
For higher quantity valuation is individually calculated 
3. What is the transport cost for ceramics?
We want to make sure our ceramic products arrive at your place in good condition. For this reason, we dispatch ceramics on pallettes. The cost is:
  • up to 100pcs - 12,50 EUR (1/4 palette)
  • 101-250pcs - 20 EUR (1/2 palette)
  • 251-1080pcs - 30 EUR (1 palette)
4. Shipping and delivery of goods
Products are delivered by couriers UPS, DPD, RABEN.
1. Payment terms
Unless agreed otherwise, payment for the ordered goods shall be made in advance. Other payment conditions require separate agreement between Promotion Way and the Purchaser.
2. Discount policy
Remember that for larger orders (amount, not quantity) it is possible to negotiate a larger discount.
3. What does the discount depend on?
Once you have started cooperating with us, your agency discount can be changed by our account manager depending on your turnover and payments.
4. Are our prices net or gross prices?
All our prices are net prices.
1. When is the complaint accepted?
When it is ascertained that the goods delivered are not what was ordered or the goods were damaged during transport, you can make a complaint.
To deal with your complaint, the goods need to be returned to us within 14 days from the day of the delivery.
2. How can I make a complaint?
If you would like to make a complaint, please contact your Account Manager.
3. Acceptance of complaints
Only goods qualified by the Contractor as damaged or non-compliant with the order specification shall be eligible for a claim.
4. Terms of returning the goods
Any returns must be previously agreed with the sales department and warehouse, especially in the case of large quantities of the products we have to find a way to how to pick the goods from the customer. Anyone who receives a packet is requested to check the shipment is complete and hasn’t been damaged during transport. Damage found after the courier drove away will not be accepted.
5. What happens next with the damaged goods?
Goods, which are subject to complaint must be returned to our warehouse. If the returned goods have damaged other than those reported in the documents or have not the original packaging that the complaint will not be accepted. Unless it has been reported previously.
The buyer is obliged to protect the goods during transport. If the buyer does not protect the goods enough, and the goods will be damaged during transport - the buyer will be charged.
1. How can I order some catalogues?
The easiest way to order our catalogues is to write directly to your Account Manager.
2. Payment for catalogues
When ordering catalogues you will need to pay a fee of 2,49 EUR per item. Shipping directories irrespective of quantity will cost 8,00 EUR.
Sometimes it is possible to receive our catalogue for free - you only have to pay for the transport. Contact your sales manager to check this option.
1. Cookies Files
On our website we use cookies files in order to provide you with the highest level of services, including in a manner tailored to individual needs.